Is the Redmatch system internet and SaaS based?

Yes, the system is Internet based and sits in the cloud.  The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7

Do we have to install anything on our company’s servers?

No, the system is web-based and there is no need for any installation on the customer side.  The system is accessible via any browser. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

What is the system’s accessibility? Can I use it from home during the evening hours?

Yes, the system is always accessible 24/7.  You can use it from home without the need to install anything or change any setting.  The system can be use just like using an internet site.

How do I contact your support team and what are the hours?

There are several ways to contact Redmatch for support:
a. Send an email to the ticketing system rmtickets@redmatch.com   
b. Send an email directly to our support team support@redmatch.com
c. Call our support team at (877)294-5234 and leave a message or 1-855-777-9110 to speak to a team member.  The support team is available 24/7

How can I create a new candidate in the system and attach their resume?

Every customer has a specific email for automatically receiving candidates into the Redmatch system.  There is no need to enter candidates manually.

How can I create an applicant in the system if they don’t have a resume?

The system can support applicants even without a resume by having the applicant complete basic details and automatically creating a file in the database.

Can all of my existing resumes and candidate data be migrated to the Redmatch system?

Yes. We assist our customers with the migration of existing data into the Redmatch system using our sophisticated parser tool developed in-house. 

How does the system handle future company growth? Is there a limit to the database size?

The Redmatch system was designed for to be flexible, configurable, and scalable to accommodate growth and changes in companies and organizations. The system database can hold unlimited amount of resumes and other candidates’ information. We do not charge our customers any extra fees as their business expands.

How reliable is the system and is there any downtime?

The Redmatch system is among the most reliable in the industry and supports a system availability rating that exceeds 99.9%.  In addition, the system is fast operating and very responsive to allow recruiters to maximize on the benefits the system offers.  

Are there automatic updates to the system?

Since the Redmatch system is Cloud based its updated continuously, with major feature updates roughly once per-quarter. All updates are announced in advance and are planned to cause zero downtime.