One of our greatest assets is the vast repository of knowledge that we have gathered over the years working with HR organizations, job portals and staffing agencies. This valuable repository is available to you through our service department and is intended to save you significant time and effort.
• HR Processes
• Marketing strategies
• Business plans
• Revenue Generation
and much more…
 In addition, our team of experts can provide any company with additional customization services including localization services where all the information in the system, such as language, lists of industries, titles, etc. will be localized.

Implementation & Integration
Redmatch’s implementation and integration services promise a smooth deployment of our solution. These include planning, design, installation, integration, testing and all other tasks required to ensure the seamless and efficient implementation of our service.
• Customization - the Redmatch solution was developed to seamlessly integrate with your branding. Our solution provides you with a range of options that enable you to customize the system to your specific brand. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of customizing the system to reflect the corporate look and feel, from color schemes to logos and layout, and ensure that our system matches your brand perfectly.
• Localization – our solution and all the information in the system, including language, industries, title, etc. can be localized.
• Implementation - over the years, Redmatch has developed a unique methodology that enables the painless and seamless implementation of our system within an organization. This methodology ensures that is our system is up and running in no time enabling you to launch and immediately benefit from the system.
• Hosting and Application Management – The Redmatch solution is a hosted online solution and as such provides complete and the latest product functionality. It eliminates the hassle of software implementation and updates and provides you with a low cost of ownership.
• Integration – In order to connect the data capture in the hiring process to other organizational systems, Redmatch offers an open system that can be easily integrated within other systems available in your organization.
• Data Migration –Data already accumulated and existing databases are extremely valuable to any organization. Redmatch can easily convert and import all existing date into the Redmatch solutions. Our experienced team will guide you in extracting, cleaning and structuring the old data and importing it to the new system.

At Redmatch we see ourselves as a solution provider and not just a technology supplier therefore, we want our customers to take advantage of all the benefits our product has to offer. Our training and education program was created to assist you in achieving optimum satisfaction and usage levels and to enhance your experience with our solution.
 Our training and education programs consist of:
• Documentation
• Onsite, hands-on training sessions
• Periodic online WebEx sessions for updates and refreshers