Products Overview

Redmatch delivers technologically advanced and robust SaaS solutions that maximize recruiting efficiency and place HR practitioners in the best position to make the strongest hiring and employee management decisions – consistently and efficiently.
In today’s fast paced world, HR professionals and recruiters, handling the recruitment function of the organization, are constantly facing new challenges. The biggest challenge is to source or recruit the best people or potential candidate for the organization before their competition does. Therefore the immediacy and speed of the recruitment process are the main concerns of the HR in recruitment. The process must be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the immediate requirements and should be cost effective.
Offering the Redmatch solution in the cloud and as an off-the-shelf product eliminates the need to install and manage hardware and software, and enables companies to be up and running within a short period of time.
Redmatch recruiting software and applicant tracking system offers superior efficiency coupled with cutting edge technology to enable HR professionals to benefit from:
• A streamline recruiting process
• Intelligent and automatic match of relevant candidates with open positions
• Efficient management and tracking of the entire recruitment process
• Reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire

Redmatch products are offered in four different editions tailored for organizations to choose based on their specific needs:

• Standard Edition – pre-configured solution and suitable for very small size companies with a need for an affordable online automated recruiting system.  Recruiters can utilize this edition to save time in finding the most suitable applicants for their open positions and generate reports to view information about the recruiting process.

 Professional Edition – pre-configured solution for small up to medium size companies that can appreciate an easy to use automated recruiting system without breaking the bank.   This edition combines social networks features, recruiting sources interface and powerful reporting tools.  Recruiters can find top talent quickly and efficiently with this industry leading applicant tracking system tools.

• Enterprise Edition – pre-configured solution for large and enterprise size organizations to implement the best-of-breed online recruiting system and ATS.  This edition is affordable and offers the flexibility that large organizations require.  With leading social media capabilities and features such as employee referrals, internal mobility support and direct communication with all candidates and applicants, recruiters enjoy hiring success. 

* Redmatch also offers a complete customized solution tailored for companies with very specific requirements.