At Redmatch we have leveraged our extensive knowledge in the HR field and our technological knowhow to create a cutting edge technology that provides a complete and robust solution to the HR market. Our scalable solution seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems and delivers an easy to use on-demand Human Resources platform that streamlines all your hiring needs.
Dedicated to providing the best available technology for our groundbreaking offering, Redmatch has developed an open system that easily integrates with external systems – such as CRM, Sales Automation and Database Management.


Software Architecture
Redmatch provides a technology with advanced and robust architecture that offers unlimited scalability and is a cohesive SaaS solution. The application is delivered as a web-hosted service and as such, provides organizations with numerous benefits:
• Cost Efficient - avoids the overhead associated with installing and maintaining new software or hardware, including the time and effort of experienced IT personnel.
• Time Efficient - deployment time is shorter due to the elimination of typical implementation tasks associated with licensed software. Enables you to use the system and be up and running almost instantaneously.
• Automatic Updates - any new updates, functionality and versions are automatically updated to all customers, eliminating the need to monitor and install them.
• Anywhere Connectivity - authorized users can conveniently access the platform from any location where there is an Internet-connected browser
Matching Engine
Redmatch has developed a unique matching technology that was specifically designed for the recruiting market. The matching engine calculates and rates the connection between a job seeker’s profile, the job seeker's preferences and the position requirements, and provides, in real time, a list of candidates who best match the position criteria. 

This provides the following benefits:
• Business Intelligence – reflects the way recruiters and candidates find and interact with each other in real time
• Thousands of different working scenarios performed in real time
• Matching is instant and reciprocal