The organization "Vehadarta" was founded out of a deep belief that an elderly adult is a valuable asset to the Israeli society and that the Israeli society must invest its time in adults who are 60 years old and above by providing them in a prominent and central place in the social and economic work environment. The organization mission is to allow a venue for experienced workers age 60 and up, who are interested in working and earning money, and also for employers who are interested in hiring these workers. After the realization of this goal, Vehadarta launched a website in July 2013 to enable job seekers to register and find employment anywhere in Israel.

The Redmatch ATS & recruiting system enables job seekers to produce a resume by answering a small number of dedicated questions.  The Redmatch solution helps the job seekers who are 60 years old and up to find the best suitable positions for them in a very short time. The Redmatch system also provides job seekers the ability to find jobs according to their skills, qualifications and their interest to explore opportunities in new fields of work.