The Jerusalem College of Technology

The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Machon Lev was founded in 1969 by Prof. Ze'ev Lev and has grown into one of Israel’s major academic institutions of higher recognized by Israel’s Council of Higher Education, graduating many of Israel’s high tech engineers and most of its electro-optic engineers each year.

The Redmatch system was implemented at JCT to assist in finding the most qualified employees for the organization. Redmatch ATS and recruitment system was customized to the unique recruitment process of JCT. In addition, the system allows graduates to find jobs in leading organizations in the country efficiently and quickly. Students can maximize their job search due to the JCT advanced career site and the ability to find, apply and track jobs and their progress for every one. The Redmatch solution is contributing to a streamlined recruitment processes that assists recruiters to find the best talent as quickly as possible.