Pelephone Communications Ltd. has pioneered the mobile communications sector in Israel since 1986, and has been fully owned by Bezeq since 2004. In 2010, revenue totaled NIS 5.732 billion with net profit of NIS 1.033 billion. Pelephone has 2.85 million subscribers and 4,300 employees. The company operates 200 service and sales points and 12 call centers in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic. It also operates the “Call Yachol” call center operated by 160 people with physical or mental disabilities. Pelephone also employs 250 Ultra Orthodox women in four call centers. In 2009, Pelephone launched its High Speed GSM network with an investment of NIS 1 billion. The network utilizes 3.75G HSPA and supports downloading of data at a speed of 14.4 Mb per second and uploading of data at a speed of up to 5.76 Mb per second.

The Redmatch ATS and recruiting system was chosen by Pelephone for its unique abilities to fully support hiring for mass positions (such as: operators, customer support reps, etc.) and also headquarter jobs (such as: accountants, administrative support, marketing, etc). The system also supports internal mobility hiring by having applicants apply on the employees’ internal website and assessment centers and appointments.  All of these capabilities are contributing to the recruitment team at Pelephone by creating an organized and unified hiring stages and by saving valuable time communicating with applicants and professional managers. Pelephone career website enables for an easy and fast application process for every open position and attracts more and more job seekers to visit the website and apply every day.